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Rosary at the Grotto for the Month of May

The "Rosary at the Grotto" will take place at the Grotto at St. Paul's Church in Ayrfield during the month of May.  We invite you to join us and thousands of people in Ireland during the month of May. 

The Rosary will be recited each evening at 8pm beginning on Sunday 1st May and ending with a special devotion on Tuesday 31st May.

Please spread the word and let's honour Our Blessed Mother all over Ireland throughout the month of May. 

Rosary At  The Grotto : Poster

Pray the Rosary : Leaflet

Easter is not just some date, but the meeting with Jesus that restores our lives, and rekindles the hope every person needs.” – Archbishop Dermot Farrell

Archbishop Farrell’s Easter 2022 Pastoral Letter, Living the Hope of Easter 

A video of Archbishop Farrell reading from his pastoral letter can be watched video 

The Building Hope Prayer

Pilgrim God, we give you thanks and praise.
You constantly journey with us even in our darkness and doubts.
We seek your way of loving kindness to walk together as one family.
Open our eyes to recognise you in the faces of one another,
in the breaking of bread and in the splendour of creation.
May the risen Christ sow seeds of hope and new life deep within us.
May our hearts and minds be filled with your Word,
bringing forth truth, justice and peace.
May the Holy Spirit working in and through us do much more
than we can dare to imagine
as we live out our baptismal calling in humble and loving service.
We make this our prayer through Christ Our Lord.

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Parish News

MASS TIMES     (19th - 27th March)

 Saturday (Vigil):           6:00pm
Sunday:   10:30am  &  12:30pm
Monday - Thursday:    10:00am  
Friday 25th March :    9:15am
 Friday & Saturday: 10am (
Holy Trinity, Donaghmede)

Click on the button to view the webcam for St. Paul's Church, Ayrfield

Funeral Masses in St. Paul's Church are at 10:00am unless otherwise notified.
Funerals have no capacity limits but all other protective measures remain in place.

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Building Hope Meeting – May 30th at 7:30pm

The listening process which we had during lent, which is part of the Synodal journey, now continues over the coming weeks under the Diocesan title “Building Hope”

Over the coming weeks, the Diocese invites us to continue the process of reflection on how to respond to the pastoral situation in which we in our parish find ourselves. Archbishop Farrell says, “truly we need to be courageous in moving forward in new ways”. We need each other on this road, all the baptised working closely together with their gifts and talents, sharing their resources and wisdom in the service of our parishes and the one mission entrusted to us all in Christ. 

You are invited to join us on Monday 30th May in the Church at 7:30pm for the next gathering to further reflect under the title “Building Hope”. Everybody’s opinion matters and is important, so if you can, please come along on the 30th. Looking forward to seeing you.

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Donate Button

If you wish to donate online to the First or Second collections that normally take place on a Sunday or to Easter/Christmas Dues you can do so by using the DONATE button on the top of the screen which the diocese has asked us to place on our website. 

When you click on the DONATE button at the top of the page. You also get an option to donate to St. Paul's Parish, Ayrfield, by way of a once off donation or if you wish join the Family Offering - planned giving, you can to set up a Weekly or Monthly offering and enter the amount of your donation. You will need to have your payment details (card/debit card or bank details) and your mobile phone to hand. Your mobile phone is needed because a confirmation pin number will be texted to it. Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated. 

Tax relief For Donation to Eligible Charities 

The Parish can claim a Tax Rebate on any donations of €250 and over in any one year and add it to our funds. Donations include the Family offerings outdoor collection, by either direct debit or envelopes and donations made to the Common Fund, Share, Christmas and Easter Dues. A CHY3 Form is to be returned to the Parish Office for eligible Households. 

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We Remember at Mass and in Prayer Those Who Have Gone Before Us

Saturday 14th May- 6:00pm (Vigil)
        Mary Grey     ~ Anniversary

Sunday 15th May- 10:30am
         Anne-Marie Tansey    ~ 1st Anniversary

Sunday 15th May- 12:30pm
         Marie Lewis     ~ 1st Anniversary
         John Grehan     ~ 2nd Anniversary

Tuesday 17th May- 10:00am
         Margaret & Pake Reaney     ~ 6th Anniversary

Wednesday 18th May- 10:00am
         David Brein     ~ 1st Anniversary

Your prayers are also requested for the happy repose of the soul of
Julia (Sheila) Shanahan whose funeral took place on Friday 6th May.

May He support us all the day long, till the shades lengthen and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over, and our work is done.
Then in His mercy may He give us a safe lodging, and a holy rest and peace at the last.

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Mass Times

Saturday Evening Vigil:

10:30am and 12:30pm

Week Days:
Tuesday to Friday 10:00am

Service of Word with Communion :
Monday 10:00am

Live Stream Links:

~   St. Paul's Church,
~  Holy Trinity Church,
~  St. Monica's Church,
~  St. Benedict's Church, 
      Grange Park 
~  St. Brendan's Church,
~ Knock Shrine

Contact Us

Parish Office:
St. Paul's Church,
Dublin 13
Tel: 01 8160984
Office Email:

Sacristy Tel: 01-8160981

Co-Parish Priest
Fr. Gerard Deegan
28 Glentworth Park
Dublin 13
Tel: 01 8674007
Email: gpdeegan@eircom.net

Moderator/Co-Parish Priest:
Fr. Gerard Corcoran
12 Grangemore Grove
Dublin 13
Tel: 01 8474652
Email: frgerry@ayrfieldparish.ie


Baptisms are held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month - November 12:30pm & from December will be at 12 noon

Request for Baptism Forms should be completed and returned to the Parish Office with a copy of the Birth Certificate.

Accord Dublin

ACCORD Dublin provides Sacramental Marriage Preparation Courses and Marriage and Relationship Counselling.
Click on Accord logo to view.

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