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Grow In Love is a Parish-based programme for First Holy Communion. In designing this programme the authors of this programme have designed this to be in unison with what the children are learning in their Grow In Love programme in the school. The Sacramental preparation of children is the responsibility of the home, school and parish working together in partnership. The work of Sacramental preparation begins long before the First Holy Communion celebration.
The celebration of First Holy Communion is a Sacred and important moment on a long journey of Faith development. Together with Baptism and Confirmation, it opens the door to full membership of the Christian community. It is not an end in itself. The Sacramental preparation of our children must always be seen as one element of the broader task of whole-community catechesis.

Here in St Paul’s the ‘Grow In Love Team’ works closely with the teachers and the parents in preparing for First Holy Community. The Programme starts with a combined meeting with the parish priest, the teachers the parents and the Team. At this meeting the aims of the programme are explained and questions taken. Parents are invited to participate in the preparation of the Liturgy of the Mass which we organise each Month during the preparation for Holy Communion, starting with the Enrollment Mass.

For more information, please watch the short videos below:

Grow in Love in the Parish – Part 1 from Veritas Ireland on Vimeo.

Grow in love in the Parish - Part 2 from Veritas Ireland on Vimeo.

Please note: We would encourage children preparing for First Holy Communion this year to attend mass at the weekends.

Form : First Communion Registration 2023

September:   A information meeting of Parents / Guardians whose children will be celebrating their 1st Holy Communion in 2023, will take place in the church on Tuesday 20th September at 7:30pm
Kirsten Mahon, the new Faith Development Co-ordinator in the area will reflect on the importance of preparation for this celebration over the coming months.

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Mass Times

Saturday Evening Vigil:

10:30am and 12:30pm

Week Days:
Tuesday to Friday 10:00am

Service of Word with Communion :
Monday 10:00am

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